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Where to find WPS Pin on Brother Printer?

Brother Printers are known as the world’s best printers. From printing a normal document to a high-quality image, these printers can help you to do all printing jobs. Nowadays Brother Printers are being used by billions of people around the world. These printers are equipped with all the latest features and technology and let users print from any corner of the home or office. But to start printing wirelessly using these printers, you need to establish the connection between your Brother Printer and computer. Establishing the connection is easy and you can do so by verifying the WPS Pin of your Brother Printer. WPS PIN is an 8-digit unique PIN that can be located on the printer or you can generate it via Wireless Setup Wizard. People who are looking to connect their printer to a computer need to refer to this post to find WPS PIN on Brother Printer.

WPS Pin on Brother Printer

 Where is the WPS Pin on my Brother Printer?

Brother Printer WPS PIN can be generated by visiting the WLAN settings of your printer. This setting can be easily located in the network section. In the WLAN setting, you will find the option to generate the 8-digit WPS PIN. Make sure to note the PIN as it may disappear from the display within a few minutes. After getting the WPS PIN, you can use it to connect to your Windows computer or Mac. Let’s move forward to learn the way to find WPS PIN on Brother Printer and enter it into your computer to verify the connection process in the next section given below.

How to find the WPS PIN code on Brother Printer?

Locating a WPS PIN on the Brother Printeris quite easy. But if you are not familiar with the way to do so then the steps that are given below will help you to find WPS Pin on Brother Printer:

  1. Turn on your Brother Printer
  2. Now, you need to navigate to Control Panel
  3. Find and press the ‘WiFi’ icon
  4. Now, choose the ‘Network’ option
  5. Go to the ‘WLAN’ settings
  6. Now, find and select the ‘WPS PIN’ option
  7. Note the PIN carefully on a piece of paper
  8. Finally, you have found the WPS PIN on Brother Printer

How do I enter a WPS PIN on my Brother Printer?

Once you find the WPS PIN on your Brother Printer, you are ready to connect the Brother Printer to the computer by entering the WPS PIN. Make sure to follow the steps carefully that are described below:

  1. On your Windows computer/Mac, launch the ‘Settings’ on it
  2. From the settings, choose the ‘Devices and Printers’ option
  3. Now, you need to choose the ‘Add a device’ option
  4. Then, you need to look for the device name of your printer
  5. Get the device name and click on it
  6. When asked, enter the WPS PIN in the required fields
  7. Get and click the ‘Install’ button
  8. Wait for a while, the Brother Printer will be connected to your computer

After approaching the above steps, you will be able to connect other Brother Printer models such as Brother Printer MFC-l2700DW, Brother HL-l2350DW, Brother DCP-l2540DW, Brother DCP-T510W, Brother QL-1110NWB, and Brother HL-l2360DW as well. To learn more about the setup process, you can visit the Brother Printer WiFi setup page.


To sum up, Brother Printer that is equipped with advanced wireless features needs to connect with computer to start the printing work. This process goes through different stages. One of these stages is getting the WPS PIN on Brother Printer and entering it on the computer. This is a quick and easy process but you may be puzzled about it if you are not aware of it. For the help of the people who are not sure about the process to find the WPS PIN on Brother Printer, we have concluded the complete setup process above on this page. To learn more about this process you can also visit the Brother Control Center page. Make sure to feed the WPS PIN correctly and use the latest version of Brother Printer to avoid any type of error in the future.

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