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Why is my Epson printer printing blank pages?

Epson is known for providing efficient printing services across the globe with its amazing printers. But, despite being one of the top printing service providing companies, Epson printers face some common printing issues like the “Epson Printer printing blank pages” issue. People who are facing this issue need to find efficient solutions to fix it. If you are one of them who are facing the blank pages issue in Epson Printers then you have visited the right page. Today we are going to talk about the ways to fix the blank pages issue that you are facing with your Epson Printer on this page.

Epson printer printing blank pages

Reasons behind the Epson printer printing blank pages

Epson Printer users usually face blank pages errors due to low ink levels in the ink cartridges. But sometimes there could be different reasons behind this issue like improper printer settings, outdated printer driver, dust in the printer nozzle area, and outdated version of Epson Printer firmware. These errors are temporary but they can be fixed automatically. To fix this issue, you need to approach the solutions that we have given below in the next section.

Solutions to fix the “Epson printer printing blank pages” issue

To fix the blank pages issue with your Epson Printer, you need to follow the solutions that are given below:

Solution 1: Check Ink Levels of Cartridges

The most common solution to fix the issues of the blank pages is checking the ink level of cartridges in your Epson Printer. If the cartridges ink levels are low then try to change the cartridges immediately and then take a print test to see that the issue has been fixed or not.

Solution 2: Update the printer settings

To update the printer settings on your device, you need to visit the “Printers and devices” section. After visiting the settings, you need to configure the settings to fix the blank pages issue on your printer. The settings may be different depending on the OS type of your device.

Solution 3: Clean the blocked up Nozzles and printhead

Check whether the nozzles and print head of your printer are blocked or not. If they are blocked then you need to remove the printhead carefully and then clean the nozzles with help of a clean and dust-free cotton cloth.

Solution 4: Update the printer drivers

The outdated printer drivers may push your printer in not working mode. Check whether updates are available are not. If you find the drivers of your Epson Printers then your need to visit the Epson Printer support page to install the latest version of drivers on your device.

Solution 5: Upgrade the firmware of the printer

If you are using an older version of firmware on your Epson Printer then you need to download the latest version of the firmware of your Epson Printer. You can visit the Epson Printer support page to upgrade the firmware of your Epson Printer.

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To sum up, whenever you realize that your Epson Printer is printing the blank pages, you need to check the ink levels in the cartridges. If you have changed the cartridges recently, then you need to check the printer settings on your device. You can also try to update the printer driver if you are using the older version. The solutions to fix the Epson printer not printing issue are given above on this page. We hope that you have fixed the Epson Printer printing blank pages issue with the help of this post.

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