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Major problems: Why Epson printer not working properly?

When it comes to choosing technology everyone wants the best product in the market that’s why Epson gives you the best innovative printers that are reliable, energy-efficient, and recyclable. Epson printer gives you the best compact design, flexible mobile printing, low running cost, and complete connectivity. Working or not, everyone needs a good printer for their daily use but even the greatest products can fail at some point so we’ll be discussing some major problems that are faced by many users, the reasons behind them, and also troubleshooting them with a few steps.

Epson printer not printing

My Epson printer not printing properly or correctly working:

As an Epson printer user, you might be getting this type of error showing,” Epson printer not printing”. In this issue, the Epson printer fails to respond to your command to print from any of your connected devices. Some of the major issues people face and the solutions with steps are mentioned below. Read and follow these simple steps.

Why won’t my Epson printer print black?

Mostly, people print their sheets in black color and they majorly face problems related to this concern only. These printing errors are very common in all kinds of printers. There can be various reasons that are responsible for the printing issue. However, some of the major reasons are listed below for this issue:

  • Epson printer won’t print black and white without color ink
  • The issues with the Ink Cartridge
  • Epson printer not printing after changing ink
  • The printer driver is outdated
  • In-compatible Ink cartridges

Epson printer won’t print black and white without colour ink?

This type of issue you will mainly face when you’ve exhausted the color of the Ink Cartridge. In these scenarios, you need to end the print task and change the settings to “Print on plain paper”. It is necessary to keep a check on your Epson Status Monitor if it’s ON or not before you can print without the color ink.

Solution: The issues with the Ink Cartridge

An ink Cartridge or an Inject Cartridge is a basic component of the Epson printer which contains the preferred ink that is printed onto the sheet of paper during printing.

If you’re facing problems with the Ink Cartridge, we need to check the volume of the ink if it’s available in different ink cartridges or not. There might be chances that the ink cartridges are not working properly, the following steps might help for troubleshooting issues with the ink cartridge of your printer:

  1. Open up your Epson printer and remove the ink cartridges.
  2. You need to check if there are any empty ink cartridges or not, if so then fill them up with the ink or replace them with the new ink cartridges.
  3. While placing ink cartridges, be careful with their positions and also make sure that you don’t damage the printer, and check if each cartridge is properly installed in its allocated slot.
  4. While placing the new Ink cartridge in the slot make sure that the tape over the ventis should be removed properly.
  5. If your printer is still not able to recognize ink cartridges then there might be a possibility that your printer is aligned to work with an old cartridge, so better use an alternative Ink cartridge and then check again.

Note: If your old Ink Cartridge is able to deliver any type of output then there might be some kind of issue with the new ink cartridge, if not then the printhead should be changed for a better outcome.

Epson printer not printing after changing ink:

Even after troubleshooting the ink cartridge, if you’re still facing problems with the Epson printer then follow these simple steps to bypass Epson Cartridge with the help of a built-in cartridge reset option in the ink checking system.

  1. First, you need to raise the printer’s top cover and hold the Ink button.
  2. The Ink cartridge will move towards the proper cartridge access position.
  3. Open the Lid of the cartridge named “OUT” of ink then put it back to its original position without taking the cartridge out.
  4. Close the Epson printer cover and resume printing.

Note: This process might differ slightly between Epson printer models. Please refer to your Printer’s user manual if you want to know the reset process of your printer.

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As we have discussed the problems users face with the Epson printer and also shown the troubleshooting steps. Please refer to all the mentioned steps in this article for the better performance of your Epson printer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Epson printer connected but not printing?

Please make sure that the USB cable is securely connected at both ends, and the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. Run a quick Printer check, if the test page is printing then there is no problem with the printer then make sure your software is installed correctly.

Why won’t my Epson printer print from my computer?

Please make sure your Epson printer is connected to the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Also, check if the software installed on the computer is updated to the latest version.

How do I get my Epson printer to print?

Follow the following steps:

  • Download the Epson Print Enabler software from Google Play Store.
  • Select the given options “drop-down” and then “print”
  • Please select a nearby printer in range.
  • Choose the print options and then select “print”
  • Finally, the print job will be printed at your preferred printer.

Why is my Epson printer not printing when the ink is full?

It’s most likely to be possible that the Ink Cartridge is old and the printer is not able to recognize it properly. Also, the printhead gets blocked because nozzles get jammed by either air or ink. Please make sure to clean the printer regularly for better performance.

Can you reset Epson ink?

To reset Epson ink, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Press the up or down arrow button to select Setup> Maintenance> Reset Ink Levels.
  • Then, press the Start button, and then press the OK button.
  • Press the OK button again.
  • After that, press the right or left arrow to see the ink tank if it’s filled or not.
  • Finally, press the OK button to select it when the reset Epson ink is complete.

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