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Where to find WPS pin on HP printer?

The WPS pin is the shorter version for the term Wi-Fi protected setup that are incorporated with your wireless printers. The only cause of its existence is the feature to connect to Wi-Fi. It is, in simple words, a unique code that makes way for you to access a wireless connection by connecting to your Wi-Fi routers. WPS pin on HP printers, usually, indicates an 8-digit unique code (or a secret code) that creates a link between your Wi-Fi routers and wireless HP printers. Here, you’ll get to know every aspect that leads you to create an exclusive connection between wireless printers and routers for a better wireless printing experience.

find WPS pin on HP printer

WPS pin and the assistant

HP Printer Assistant, since the beginning of its journey, has been the best of its kind and the most recommended printer management software for every HP users for the extremely smooth and easy running of all print operations. It has in-built features to assist you with scanning important documents and images, checking ink levels in your printer’s cartridges, and ordering supplies that you might require in the future for better print outcomes. All these features are due to its nature of being a management software.

The software, however, might not prove to be your best option to find the WPS pin on HP printer. Thus, the steps that you are required to undergo are given below:

  1. Turn wireless HP Printer on then go for the “Control Screen” option key.
  2. Hit on the “Wireless” key/button key that you find on the printer.
  3. Go for the “Settings”, which will be followed by “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.
  4. Hit on or go for the “WPS Pin” option and obtain the 8-digit code.

Note: That is it. You can effectively put the 8-digit HP printer WPS pin to create a link between your printer and your wireless router network connectivity.

Where is the WPS pin located on my HP printer?

This section is dedicated to giving you a better idea of where you might find the WPS pin on HP printer. Begin with visiting the control panel on your HP printer. Then direct yourself to the “Settings” option, followed by “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. Finally, get into the “Pin” option key to generate the 8-digit WPS pin.

Set up the WPS connection

Now that you have been able to find and obtain the 8-digit unique code or WPS pin on HP printer enlisted are the steps that you need to ensure that the connection created was successful:

  1. Ensure keeping the pin noted even after you’ve found it.
  2. Confirm a WPA or WPA2 password for your Wi-Fi router.
  3. Begin with the connection or install the software.
  4. Provide the unique WPS pin when prompted by the system.

Note: That’s how you will be able to confirm that the connection has been completed as soon as you submitted the WPS pin. HP Support can be of great help if you encounter any trouble.


The above-elaborated read is dedicated to guiding you through finding your Wi-Fi Protected Setup pin or WPS pin on your HP printer. It includes every detail about the HP assistant for printers, the location of the WPS pin on your printer, and the steps that you will have to undergo to set up your printer’s Wi-Fi connection with the WPS pin.


What is a WPS pin and where do I find it?

When you attempt to connect your wireless printer and Wi-Fi routers, the WPS pin will get displayed on the LED screen of your printer.

How to set up a WPS pin on HP printer?

  1. Hit “Wireless” and then “Settings” on the printer screen.
  2. Hit on “Wi-Fi Protected Setup and follow the instructions.
  3. Go for “Pin” on being prompted and it displays on-screen.
  4. Get into the configuration utility and submit the WPS pin.

Is the WPS pin the WiFi password?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is the full form for WPS, and it helps in creating a connection between your wireless printer and Wi-Fi routers. When you’ve already found the WPS pin you will directly get connected to the user’s SSID.

How do I connect to WiFi without a password and WPS?

  1. Get into “Settings” from the home screen.
  2. Go to the “Network and Internet” settings.
  3. Hit on “Wi-Fi”, followed by the “Advanced” option.
  4. Go for the “Connect by WPS” key.
  5. Now, hit on the “WPS” option key on the router.

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