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How do I switch my HP Printer from Offline to Online?

Are you also facing an offline issue on your HP Printer? If yes! Then you are on the right page as we are talking about the method to fix HP Printer offline issue on Windows 10 and Mac in this post. Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user you can get printer offline messages on your respective device.

HP Printer Offline

If you are trying to print using your HP Printer but you are unable to print because it is showing an offline message on your Windows 10 or Mac then you need to approach the right method to fix this offline issue. An HP Printer may show offline status on its display due to several factors.

Why is my HP Printer offline on Windows 10?

If you are trying to print using your Windows 10 computer and not able to print then make sure that your HP Printer is turned on and ready to print. Check that there is enough paper in the tray; look at the reasons that are given below:

Reason 1: You have not added your Printer

HP Print and Scan Doctor utility from HP can help you to fix the offline issue on your Windows 10. Go through the steps given below to run it on your Windows 10.

  1. Turn on the HP Printer and load the paper in the tray
  2. Then, download and install the HP Scan Doctor utility on your Windows 10
  3. Now, launch the tool on your device and select your printer to run a diagnostic test
  4. If your printer is not listed here then approach the “My Product is not listed” option and follow the instructions to add it

Reason 2: You have not set your printer as the default

Follow the steps given below to set your HP printer as a default printer on your Windows 10 computer:

  1. On your Windows 10 computer, visit the search bar and type “Printer and Scanners” and press Enter
  2. Uncheck the box next to Let Windows 10 manage the default printer if it is checked
  3. Look in the list of “Printers” and select your printer
  4. Now, click Manage
  5. Tap on set as default printer
  6. Finally, you have set the default printer for your Windows 10 device

How to fix HP Printer offline on Mac?

To fix the printer offline on Mac you need to go through the solutions that we have mentioned below:

Solution 1: Use HP Smart Diagnose & Fix

To run Diagnose & Fix tool on your Mac you need to download and install it. Follow the steps that are mentioned below to run this tool:

  1. Using your Mac, visit the HP Smart- Mac App Store
  2. Then, download and install it on your Mac
  3. After completing the installation process, launch Diagnose & Fix tool on your device
  4. Then, click on Start
  5. Let this tool complete the diagnose and fix process
  6. Now, take a print test for your HP Printer and check if the HP Printer offline issue has been fixed or not

Solution 2: Remove and re-add your HP Printer

If you are still experiencing the offline issue on your printer then try to remove and re-add your printer as this action can fix the offline issue; look at the steps:

  1. Using your Mac, click on the “Apple” icon
  2. Now, click on System Preferences and then tap on Print and Scan or Print and fax
  3. Then, select the printer that you want to remove and tap on the Minus sign (at the bottom of the list of printers)
  4. Now, after removing the printer, click on Plus sign
  5. Choose your HP Printer from the printer list
  6. Then, click on the Print Using or Use field, choose Air Print from the drop-down list
  7. Now, click on the “Add” button
  8. Finally, you have completed the removing and re-adding process for your HP Printer


To sum up, you may get HP printer offline status on your Windows 10 and Mac device due to several factors. Whether you are approaching the solution to fix the offline issue on Windows 10 or Mac the steps are easy and clear in both cases. The solutions to fix offline status are mentioned in this post.

If you are still facing any type of issue with your HP Printer then you can take the help of HP Printer assistant to fix the issue. It can help you to update the software of your HP Printer. You can also visit the official website of HP Printers for more information. Hopefully, you will be able to fix the offline status on your Windows 10 and Mac referring to this post.

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