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Walkthrough of HP printer alignment failure issue

HP has been in the lead of technical industries for quite some time now and users believe that no company can compete with the brand on the same level. HP offers tons of manufactured products that are built on the foundation of advanced technology and with a vision to lead the world towards technical superiority. For instance, HP offers both wired and wireless printers within a wide range of printer models and being a technical product encountering functional issues is inevitable. This read will inform you about the “HP printer alignment failure” issue that users have actively been reporting.

HP printer alignment failure

Why does HP printer alignment failure occur?

Alignment failures are very common in printers and initially, the causes include loose cable issues, network error, or defected transmitter connected at the end of the network equipment. However, you can, of course, understand that HP printers aren’t like any other printer and thus these are not the only reasons for encountering such issues. When a print job is sent to the printer, the ink cartridges print an alignment page each time.

The HP printer alignment failure is, usually, said to appear (especially, on HP Officejet Pro 8500A, and HP 7100 printer) when a user attempts to change or replace an ink cartridge and sends in print jobs to the printer without completing the printer alignment problem. However, it is recommended that you do not turn off the alignment HP Printer and complete the process to prevent your printer from performing the procedure again and again.

Stop your HP printer from printing alignment page

Enlisted are the steps that you might want to undergo to fix the “HP Printer Alignment failure” issue. Let’s look at the elaborated measure that you can choose to try and rid yourself from times you notice your printer alignment failed:

  • Ensure using genuine ink cartridges by HP.
  • Manually scan the printed backs for ink smears.
  • Ensure that the print papers are appropriate.
  • Get into the print settings, adjust and save the changes.
  • Don’t forget to check the estimated ink levels.
  • Try replacing low or empty ink cartridge.
  • Sort the alignment of the cartridges.
  • Test-print a Diagnostic page for quality.
  • Run a check on the color blocks for a defect.
  • Ensure a manual cleaning of the ink cartridges.
  • Ensure aligning the in-use HP printer.
  • Carefully clean the ink nozzle area manually.
  • Sever all cable connections from your printer.
  • Try rebooting it by long-pressing the power button.
  • Ensure direct connection to the wall outlet.

Note: You might get automatic help from the HP Printer Assistant or the HP Scan Doctor if you have it installed. Otherwise, you can always get in touch with the customer service team HP is always ready to cater to your problems and help you find the easy way out for the HP printer alignment failure.

How to fix- HP Printer will not align cartridges?

As discussed before, HP printer alignment failure majorly results from the ink levels being too low or empty. And that is because of the continuous use of the printer and discontinuous check on the ink cartridges. The best remedy to this situation will be to fill up the ink cartridges on time and prevent the HP printer alignment failure. Another very good fix is to reset your HP printer and start afresh. You can even manually adjust the setting and use printing tools, where you can select the Printer or Supply levels to handle the problem. Below are the steps to fix the cartridge alignment issue:

  1. Get into “Tools” on your connected HP device.
  2. Go for the “Printer/Supply Levels” option link.
  3. Analyze the ink levels to manage the situation.

Note: After you’ve gone through the above steps, decide if your cartridges need to be refilled and do the needful to avoid further issues. Also, users can give the HP Smart Application a try, which is compatible with Windows 10, iOS and even Android devices. Once you’ve taken care of the ink levels in the cartridge, the “HP printer alignment failure” message will eventually stop displaying.


The HP printer alignment failure is a very common issue, which does not require much help. It usually occurs when the ink levels in the cartridges aren’t sufficient to carry on print jobs for a very long time. Other reasons can be the poor network connectivity or the weak and improper cable connection between the printer and the device connected. The above-detailed read is dedicated to familiarize you with the printer alignment failure issue along with significant details and ways to solve the problem.

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