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Know HP Power Assistant and significantly related details

Hewlett Packard or HP, as you know it, is the most globally reputed brand, which is earned by providing digital products and services along with catering to high-resolution imaging solutions. It is best known for the lines they produced- calculators, scanners, printers, digital cameras, servers, desktops and laptops (computers for home and small business, computers for workstation usage), personal digital assistants and so much more. Here, in this read, we’ll be walking you through significant details of one such digital assistant that, in the true sense, brings more power to you and your family- HP Power Assistant. But before we get into it we thought you should know that HP’s success comes from its’ ability to evolve with the changes in the technical world. It kept on developing its products and services based on its anticipation of the needs of the market it exists in. Now, that you know a bit about HP, let’s move on to a more important subject of the read.

HP Power Assistant

What does HP Power Assistant refer to?

This part of the read has been carefully created to help you with understanding the service that HP developed to provide maximum utility to its customers- Hp Power Assistant. It is a digital service that has been given life to help you with configuring the system settings for optimizing the power consumption and maintaining long battery life. It successfully calculates the power consumption with the following- the duration for a specific power state (On, Standby, Hibernation, Off); the duration for a computer running on battery and AC power, hardware configuration, and the rate of variable electricity. The tools that make this digital service successful are:

  • Predictions for power consumption based on the hypothesis
  • Power profiles from before or the predefined ones
  • The consumption trends based on Usage Data and charts

Learn to download and install HP Power Assistant Windows 10

Before we walk you through the steps you’d have to undergo for the download and installation, we want you to know that it is important to make sure that you’ve installed the necessary specifications for your system compatibility. And although you can just head to HP Assistant for help, we have laid the steps below:

  1. Head to the official site for HP, search for HP Power Assistant to get the application.
  2. Once the app file is downloaded, double-click the “HP Power Assistant Installer”.
  3. Hit the “Next” tab, go through the terms and conditions and hit on “I Agree”.
  4. Here, hit again on the “Next” link and read the guidelines to complete installation.

Know the HP Power Manager, Usages and Settings

HP Power Manager, as mentioned above, optimizes the power consumption and helps in keeping the battery life going for a longer duration. So here, in this part of the read, we thought of helping you understand its usage and settings a little better.


When you launch the application after installing it, you’ll see that the “Settings” section shows the information on battery charge and consumption of power by the system. As the system starts working on its battery power, you will have access to the indicator that’ll show an estimate of the time left till the battery runs out. Also, you’d see the percentage of the battery charge when the system is in connection with an AC adaptor. However, all of these indications of power consumption will be given out in watts and the blue space in the gauge is for you to easily identify the movement of the indication needle.


The “Usage” option in the application you see has been designed to show you the predictions per day costs, the monthly cost, and the yearly cost for a computer system. And these predictions are made according to the power configuration and consumption at the moment. This tab and its functionality have been directed towards optimizing the power consumption and improving the system performance.


The detailed read above has been created to introduce you to one of the digital services that HP has developed for the world- HP Power Assistant. It is a software solution that helps you keep track of the power consumption by the computer system along with helping you optimize the battery life for as long as possible. You’ll find a brief introduction to the service, the steps to download and install it, along with details about its management with the settings and the usage tabs.

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