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How to get Brother Printer out of deep sleep?

A Brother Printer usually goes in the deep sleep mode when you do not use it for a long even after it has been powered on. You may also call this the power saver mode in which your printer goes when it is not being used by the operator or stays idle for a long. However, sometimes, you may see the brother printer stuck in sleep mode and you do not know the actual method to get it out of the sleep mode. Thus, in order to get your printer out of the sleep mode especially when it is stuck in that mode, you need to perform some workarounds that we are soon going to discuss.

Brother Printer deep sleep

Wake up brother printer from deep sleep issue

If your printer has gone in the sleep mode and you want to wake it up, then you can follow the steps given below to change its sleep time settings:

  1. From the main menu of your printer, click on the “General Setup” option
  2. Now, you need to navigate to the “Ecology” section
  3. And, tap on the “Sleep Time” settings
  4. Furthermore, you need to add the value in the given sleep time settings
  5. You can input any value ranging from 00 to 99
  6. This should be the time after which your printer will go into the sleep mode
  7. Do not forget to save the settings at the end

How to disable Brother Printer deep sleep mode?

To disable the sleep mode of your Brother Printer, you can follow the quick instructions that I am going to list below:

  1. Press the “Menu” option on your printer’s display
  2. And, then choose the “General Setup” option
  3. Further, choose “Ecology” followed by “Sleep time”
  4. Now, press the “Options” and “Start” keys together
  5. Then, using the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys, select “Off”
  6. After this, click on “OK” and then press the “Stop/ Exit” key

Note: You may apply the solutions specified above on various Brother Printer models including Brother MFC-L2700DW.

Stop brother printer keeps going into deep sleep in Mac

If you have connected your Brother Printer to your Mac and you want to stop your printer from going in the sleep mode again and again, or your brother printer stuck in sleep mode then you need to adjust the sleep time settings in your printer itself:

  1. On your Brother laser printer, go to the “General Setup” from the menu
  2. Then, choose “Ecology” > “Sleep time”
  3. Press the “Options” and “Start” keys at the same time
  4. After this, you need to select the “Off” option using the up and down keys
  5. Or adjust the sleep time settings between 00 to 99
  6. In the end, you just need to save the sleep time settings

How do I turn off deep sleep mode on my Brother Printer?

If your Brother Printer continuously displays the “Brother Printer Offline” issue on your device, then you are suggested to turn off the sleep mode settings in your printer. To do so, you can refer to the section given above or go to the “Sleep Time” menu from the “Ecology” section of your device. You can also adjust the sleep time settings by navigating to the same menu and feeding the time value for which your printer should go to sleep mode after remaining idle.


Is your Brother Printer stuck in sleep mode? Apply these tried and tested solutions one by one and you will eventually be able to wake up your Brother Printer from the sleep mode. In case you are not able to disable the sleep mode setting of your printing machine, you can adjust the sleep time to 00 minutes. However, if you want that your printing machine should consume lesser power then you should allow it to go into sleep mode.

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