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Your best shot with how to find Mac address on HP Printer

We have been looking forward to bringing this read to you as it combines two of the most loved brands in the history of technology- Apple and HP, both excelling at their potential to provide “state-of-the-art” technical advancements with each of their products.

HP Printer Mac Address

Even though they offer the world we excellent product line, we chose one from each brand (Apple MacBook and HP Printer) and researched their inter-relations. And finally, came up with a great subject for this data piece to help you with your queries.

The read below has been extensively dedicated to helping you find Mac IP address on HP Printer. AI addition to that, we thought you’d first like to know a bit about the MacBooks and Printers followed by details on what an IP address is, and then we’d take you through details of finding and updating/changing your Mac IP address on HP Printer so, let’s get to it.

What are Apple MacBooks and HP printers?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we prepared this section to help you with understanding what Mac and HP printers are:

Apple MacBook

The first thing you should know is that Apple and HP have always been in competition with each other for providing the best tech-integrated products to society. Apple MacBook is regarded as the third family of the brand’s laptop series. It has a unique display which was, in the beginning, known as Apple’s Retina Display that gave out high resolution along with sensors to identify different pressure levels via a Force Touch Trackpad.

HP Printer

In the case of this product line, we’d like you to know that the major share of the brand’s revenue is gained from the sale of HP Printers. That’s right! These printers are always up and ready to update to the newer versions of technology as and when they are introduced to the world and the best part is? The image solutions it provides are unimaginably amazing, which is far from competing with any other brand.

Must be wondering where is the IP Address on a HP printer!

Well, all of us living in the world (humans) have proof that separates us from everyone else and gives us an identity of our own (for instance- a driving license, social security number, and the like).

Likewise, computers have increased in numbers- different models and with different features and services to offer. Let’s say laptop A is spread across the world and there are 2 million pieces available, whereas the demand for the same model is increasing and there might be more. Don’t you think there is a need for some specific proof so that each of the laptop units can be separated from the other?

That is exactly what an IP address was created for- it is unique to each computer unit and has the potential to separate each one of them. It was initially, used for tracking cyber crooks and keeping an eye on high-end computers used for national security but times have changed and so many more services have come up that IP addresses can cater to.

And, if you’re wondering where you can find Mac IP address on HP Printer then don’t worry, we’re here for you. You’d have to go through a simple procedure in order to get your hands on it.

Steps to be undergone- Find Mac IP Address on HP Printer

Well, this procedure can only be taken up if you are certain that your Mac is connected to an HP Printer and is connected to the same Internet network. So, once you ensure that, you can move to follow the enlisted steps:

  1. You might have the HP Smart App to send print jobs from your computer, and launch it.
  2. Or if you do not have the app, we’d like you to get into the official site for the app.
  3. Now, hit on the option that reads “Printer Settings” and under “Tools”, go for “Printer Reports”.
  4. Move forth with the “Network Configuration” option and wait for the printer to print.
  5. The printed result will help you find Mac IP address on HP printer along with other network configuration details.

Note: Look specifically under the JPv4 category in the printed result to find the IP address.

Want to update IP Address on HP printer?

Here, this part of the read has been equipped with explicit steps to help you update the IP address after you find Mac on HP printer with the print result:

  1. Turn your computer on and on the desktop go forth with the Printer icon.
  2. As the Printer Assistant opens up, go on with the “Utilities” tab.
  3. As and when you see it, go for the “Update Ip Address” option link.
  4. Wait for the “User Account Control” window to pop open on your Mac.
  5. Go ahead with “Yes” so that you reach the “Update HP Software with printer IP Address”

Need help with steps to change IP Address on HP printer?

This part of the readers will help you undergo the steps to change the IP Address after you find the Mac IP address on HP Printer:

  1. Launch a web browser on your Mac computer.
  2. Type in the IP address you just got your hands on.
  3. Head into the Settings or Network page.
  4. Set “Static/Manual” as a choice for your IP address.
  5. And wrap up with entering and saving the new IP address.

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This short and informative read has been exclusively crafted to help you understand what an IP address for a computer means as we think, it can be significant in the long run. Also, moving on with the read, you found out about Mac IP addresses and exclusive data about HP Printers, which then lead you to details that clubbed the two together and showed potential to help you, as and when you need to find Mac IP address on HP Printer.

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