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The must-know procedures for Canon iX6820 wireless setup

A large portion of the world’s population is aware of the brand called Canon, after all, it has been delivering satisfaction and catering to a ton of needs. If we had to define the company, we’d say it simply allows us a means of putting down our visions and viewpoints onto paper.

Canon iX6820 wireless setup

But, if that’s not it, then we’d go by the books and tell you that Canon is a multinational corporation that is globally renowned for creating and providing imaging products, optical products, and industrial products.

Some of the products it offers us are cameras and lenses (the most appreciated product throughout the world), printers and scanners, medical equipment, and other equipment. Well, the world is moving too fast in the technology evolution period, so we scrolled through its product lines and thought, “Canon iX6820 wireless setup” would be a great subject to discuss.

So, here, in the following read, we’ll be walking you through extensive details on the wireless printer model followed by the steps of its wireless setup. And adding to the read are two more sections that will tell you all about the wireless setup on Mac and the fixes that’ll help with the wireless setup issues (if any).

Know about the Canon PIXMA iX6820 manual

Well, you know that every device package comes with its manual or as you may know it, user guide. And we thought it would help to know what the manual contains when it is about the Canon ix6820 wireless setup.

The user guide that comes with this printer contains some basic data that users are highly recommended to follow while they install it or later, use it for printing. We’d suggest you go through the entire set of instructions with ultimate attention.

Following the manual is considered to be an integral part of using the printer and maintaining its health and performance. You should also take good care of it because it may have solutions to the issues that you may or may not encounter.

Learn about the Canon PIXMA iX6820 wired setup

For a long time now, even after the invention of the Internet, machines and devices had the potential of working through wired connections with power sources. But today, we have tons of wired products that have contributed to making our lives more feasible than it ever was.

And therefore, we chose “Canon iX6820 wireless setup” to be the star of the read. So, if you haven’t understood by now, let us tell you that there is no way to set up Canon PIXMA ix6820 with wired connections.

Wondering how to setup Canon iX6820 printer to WiFi?

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be getting you through the procedure for completing the Canon iX6820 wireless setup so that you can go on to experience the most glorious print experience you could imagine, and maybe better.

Two procedures combined make the entire wireless setup- first, you’d have to get the required printer drivers so that your device is capable of sending printing tasks to the printer and then you, d have to connect it to a WiFi network. So, let us help you through it all:

Installing Canon PIXMA iX6820 drivers

  1. Head towards the Canon printer’s official setup site.
  2. Look for the “Canon iX6820 print drivers” and get them.
  3. Locate the downloaded files and get into the “Run” option.
  4. Hit “Install” and keep up with the instruction prompts.
  5. Post-completion, wrap up this part by going for “Finish”.

Note: When we say the official setup page, you can type “canon.com/ijsetup” in your browser’s address bar to get to the correct and required drivers.

Connect iX6820 to your WiFi network

  1. Turn the router on and ensure that the connection is reliable.
  2. Tap the printer screen and initiate the printer installation.
  3. Get into the “Network” menu and go for “Wireless Connection”.
  4. Next, move with the following- “Wireless”> “Installer”> “Network”.
  5. Go on with “Wireless Setup” and keep pressing the wireless key.
  6. As the menu pops up on your printer, hit “Confirm”.
  7. As soon as you see the list, choose your preferred one with “OK”.

Note: Ensure that the power light flashes twice when you push and hold the wireless key on your printer.

Undergo the steps of the Canon iX6820 wireless setup Mac

Trust us, connecting or going through the Canon iX6820 wireless setup on your Mac devices is way easier than connecting them to Windows devices. Therefore, we have procured the facile but explicit steps of the setup procedure:

  1. Ensure the following are powered on- Mac device, WiFi, and the printer.
  2. Get to the canon setup site and get the mandatory printer drivers.
  3. Now, go on to select the “Cable-less setup” tab that appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the “Apple” icon menu and go for “System and Preference”.
  5. Place your hit on the “Printer and Scanners” option tab.
  6. Finally, all you have to do is add the iX6820 printer to set up the connection.

Fix up the issue: Canon PIXMA iX6820 not connecting to WiFi

Well, the major reason behind the Canon iX6820 wireless setup not working is some interruption in the wireless network you are on or some hindrances with the associated servers. However, there are simple measures you can try before you go on to contact customer support for help:

  • Check if there have been any changes in the wireless network you are using.
  • Ensure there are no new routers or new passwords to hamper the experience.
  • Turn off the devices and unplug them to give them a reboot (wait for at least 15 seconds).


Canon has created a great impression of itself that allows us to believe that imaging solutions can make wonders. As you read through, the above piece has been dedicated to a very specific subject- Canon iX6820 wireless setup, and it seems to be very significant in the world that we are a part of.

We have a fast and highly digital life which was the major reason behind the discovery of wireless products. And since technology started to evolve printers got wireless too, just like Canon PIXMA iX6820, and we thought you might need some help with setting it up. Thus, you found all the details you’d need to do exactly that.

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