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HP Solution Center- Issues, Installation, and Assistance

Hewlett-Packard, or as we know it, HP has always been leading the market with its laptops and printers. The utility that is driven by their products is always high. Their printers, in particular, have been the most used printers around the globe. HP solution center and HP printers have always been up-to-date with technical advancement as it keeps changing to match the newly introduced technologies. The high-resolution printers from HP add to the consumer experience. Even with their advanced technology, it makes the installation process more complicated.

HP Solution Center

HP solution center is known to be the printer management program. Every HP device has the HP solution center software. You won’t find any download link for the HP solution center as it is already a part of your printer’s software solution. But, you will be able to download and install the HP solution center with the Windows full feature software on the company’s official website. After all, it is all about providing the best consumer experiences through their products and assistance services.

HP Solution Center Download Windows 10

One very crucial information to keep in mind is that the HP solution center software will not function if the printer has a version that is older than 2011.

DOWNLOAD HP Solution Center:

  • Switch on your HP printer> unplug your system from the printer> go to support.hp.com/us-en/drivers and install
  • Click on Printer and identify your device> enter the model number and submit
  • Choose your OS or change the default OS> Click on Download

NOTE: Make sure to use the suggested installation.

Post downloading, you’ll have to install HP solution center. After completion, click on the software icon and select the operating system you use to set up and manage your device.

Other Issues

You might face another problem- hp solution center cannot run because your device installation is not complete. This technical issue is often caused by the Flash player that is used to run the HP solution Center or some other error in the operating system that contributes to the non-completion in installation of the software. In such a condition, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the software.

HP Solution Center Won’t Open Windows 10

To provide better and much easier customer service and guidance, HP initiated the HP Support Assistant. It gives quick access to the HP solution center and helps you set up your printer with minimum effort and time. It’s a given that printers older than 2011 versions will face difficulties with the HP solution center. And yet, a lot of users had issues with using the HP solution center even on Windows 10 because they do not have the HP support assistant application. However, there is a manageable way out of this problem.

One way is running the performance tune-up. HP Performance Tune-Up helps with improving the system performance and free-up the data space to further help you download and install updates on your system. It analyzes and optimizes your system to resolve freezing issues and helps it improve the quality of its performance. Other ways to fix this issue are:

  • HP printer software needs to be uninstalled or eliminated
  • Replacing the drivers with the new HP printer website


HP offers high-resolution wired as well as wireless printers. The complications with increasing technical advancements will always make way to your printers. But with HP support you’ll be provided printer assist that you may want or need. HP solution center is a powerful program software to cater to your technical needs. When you find the HP solution center not working, any problem you face with downloading, installing, or using it, will be resolved by the company’s step-wise instruction. HP has carefully curated their services to cater to anything and everything that you might need assistance with and this is for all HP products across the globe.

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