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Understanding and fixing Canon Pixma Error Code 5100

Canon is known to be the best in its field for providing imaging, industrial and optical products. But throughout the world, there’s one product that Canon has been thriving on and that is the Canon Printer. Every Canon user in the world has been loyal and recommends it to as many people as possible. Additionally, there isn’t just one printer, Canon provides several printer lines with a variety of features that can satisfy different people for their different needs. Here, in the following read, we’ll be walking you through the Canon Pixma error code 5100 along with its symptoms, its causes, and its’ troubleshooting steps. You would get to know more significant and related data if you keep reading.

Canon Pixma Error Code 5100

Know what the error code 5100 refers to on your Canon Pixma

Being a technical good, Canon printers are entitled to encounter issues and errors. Here, you’ll understand what the error mentioned above means. Well, it is just a hindrance that users encounter when there is paper jam, improper ink tank seating, or some other printer-related issue. Mostly, this error occurs concerning the ink cartridges. But Canon has found out ways to fix any problem that comes in the way of a healthy user experience.

Learn why the Canon printer error code 5100 is encountered?

You know what the Canon Pixma error code 5100 refers to, so we thought it’s time for you to know why users encounter them. We have prepared a small list of reasons that can cause this error:

  • Packing material was accidentally left inside the printer
  • The ink cartridge has not been positioned properly
  • Paper jams or another object is jamming the tray
  • Settings on the printer need to be reset

How will you know the symptoms of the error code 5100?

This part of the informative read has been focused on helping you understand if you’re experiencing a Canon Pixma error code 5100. Thus, presenting you the list of symptoms that will ensure that your printer is facing this particular hindrance:

  • Printing documents or images would not be possible.
  • You would notice an orange light on the printer alarm lamp.
  • Users might observe power lamp blinking alternatively.
  • The timing strip on the printer will appear to be dirty.
  • The ink cartridges start moving from their set position.

Canon Printer 5100 error for all the Canon printer models

The Canon service error 5100 or Canon Pixma error code 5100 is not specific to any printer model. However, we can name a few Canon printer models that have been encountering the problem:

Service error 5100 Canon MP160

This might occur for printer MP160 because you missed removing the protective covering or tape while opening the package and that may further lead to the Canon Pixma error code 5100. But, we’d love to help you out with this- begin with checking if this is the case> if you find it go on to remove it and close the cover> restart the device and ensure its functionality. Canon MX490 error code 5100 can also be fixed with these.

Canon MP237 Code 5100

Ink cartridges inside the printer are considered to be the major cause of the very famous “Canon Pixma error code 5100”. Improper placement of the cartridges result in restricting the smooth functioning of the Canon printers and that is when you encounter the error code. Just head to the front panel of the device and adjust the cartridge placement.

Canon MX922 Error Code 5100

Canon Pixma error code 5100 is a very common consequence when you miss a piece of packaging in the printer, or there is some object that is blocking the path of the paper tray. Seems easy to fix, doesn’t it? Well, it is. All you have to do is make sure you get the packaging piece out of the printer and remove the object or obstacle that keeps the paper tray jammed.

Canon MX472 Error 5100

The issue that leads the MX472 printer to Canon Pixma error code 5100 is caused by improper or incorrect installation of the ink cartridges or tanks. Fixing this issue is facile and can be taken care of with minimal supervision. Just open the printer flap and fix the positioning of the ink cartridges in the service mode. You can also use these fixes for troubleshooting Canon MG2922 error code 5100.

Canon MX452 code 5100

MX452 may encounter the issue because of the ink tank placement, jammed paper tray, packaging material mistakenly left inside the printer, and the like. You need to adjust the position of the ink tanks, remove the paper tray obstacles or the foreign substance from inside the printer (if any), and get the packaging piece out of the printer.

Canon MX432 Printer Error 5100

Troubleshooting the Canon Pixma error code 5100, once occurred, is not a very difficult thing to do. You don’t even have to ask for help or guidance from the customer support team, you can do it on your own. Go on to check the ink tank’s installation, paper tray jams, packaging pieces stuck in the printer, etc. And adjust to the required placement or remove the obstacles to get a smooth printer functioning.

Canon MP470 Error 5100

Go through the above-mentioned causes and troubleshooting ways to fix the issue as and when you encounter it on MP470 (can also be used for Canon MG3020 error code 5100). Make changes in the ink cartridge placement and check for other printer hindrances.

Canon MP460 error code 5100

This service error code is set to occur when you open your newly bought printer and miss removing a packaging, you haven’t been able to place your ink cartridges, or for some reason, your paper tray is jammed. Just take care of these issues and the error code will be gone.

Canon IP100 error code 5100

For IP100 the Canon Pixma error code occurs when you do not focus on the movement of the ink cartridges. It is easy to not focus on that but can be fixed with the following- check printer gears for foreign substances, and clean the route for the plastic encoder strip and the print carriage.

Canon MX495 error code 5100

The best way to get rid of the error code is to try the above resolution ways and then move to reboot the printer so, that your changes/adjustments get recognized by the device and are implemented in the functioning when it restarts.

Canon TS3122 error code 5100

Begin with removing the packaging material carefully, then fix the paper tray jam (if there’s any), and finally, reboot the system if the changes do not apply immediately. We are sure this will help you get rid of the Canon Pixma error code 5100 issue.

Canon MX492 error code 5100

The occurring of the error code would mean that you cannot go ahead with sending print jobs to the device and surely cannot get any print output. Therefore, fixing the error code is of the highest priority. Follow the troubleshooting suggestions mentioned above and get rid of the issue. Also, the same suggestions can be applied for Canon MG3022 error code 5100.


The detailed read above has been focused on a specific error code that the users have, very frequently, reported to encounter- Canon Pixma error code 5100. Reading on you’d know the causes, the symptoms and the resolution or fixing suggestions for several different Canon printer models. By the end of this read, we are sure you will now be able to verify the symptoms and fix the error code with minimal supervision.

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