Troubleshoot Your Brother Printer’s WiFi Connection Issues with These Simple Steps

By | April 9, 2023

Brother printers are known for their efficiency and versatility, but sometimes your printer may cause trouble when connecting to the WiFi network. It can be frustrating, especially when you need to print important documents urgently. However, troubleshooting your Brother printer’s WiFi connection issues with these simple steps will help you get back to your printing jobs in no time.

Step 1: Check WiFi Signal Strength

The first thing to check is the strength of the WiFi signal. If the signal strength is weak, it may cause connectivity issues with your Brother printer. Check if the WiFi signal strength is strong enough in the location where your printer is placed. If it’s weak, then relocate your printer closer to the router or move the router closer to the printer. Sometimes, obstacles such as walls and furniture can weaken the signal. Removing the obstruction or adjusting the location of the router or printer could improve connectivity.

Step 2: Verify Printer Settings

The next step is to verify the printer settings. If the printer is not set up correctly, it may cause connectivity issues. Check the printer manual for instructions to access the network settings menu. Ensure that the WiFi is enabled and connected to the correct network. Double-check the network name and password to avoid any typos that may cause connectivity problems. Once verified, try connecting the printer to the WiFi network again.

Step 3: Restart Devices

Restarting the devices is a quick fix for most connectivity issues. Turn off your Brother printer and unplug it from the power source. Switch off the router and disconnect it from the power source as well. Wait for a few minutes before plugging in the router and turning it back on. Once the internet connection is established, connect your printer to the WiFi network by enabling the WiFi option. Restarting devices releases any stored data buffers and resets the network configuration, which may resolve the connectivity issue.

Step 4: Update Printer Drivers

Outdated printer drivers can cause connectivity problems. The drivers translate instructions from the operating system to the printer. If the drivers are not updated, they may not communicate correctly with the printer and cause connectivity issues. Check the Brother printer’s website for updated drivers for your printer model. Download and install the updated drivers following the installation instructions. After a successful update, try connecting the printer to the WiFi network again.

Step 5: Reset the Network Settings

If all the above steps fail, resetting the network settings may help in resolving the connectivity issue. Resetting network settings removes all network settings, including the WiFi network. Check the Brother printer manual for instructions on resetting the network settings. After resetting, set up the printer as a new device on the WiFi network to reconnect it to the router.

In conclusion, troubleshooting Brother printer’s WiFi connection issues is not complicated with these simple steps. Start by verifying the WiFi signal strength, checking printer settings, restarting devices, updating printer drivers, and resetting network settings. Most likely, one or several of these fixes will resolve the connectivity problem, and your printer will be back up and running in no time.