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How to fix Epson Printer Offline issues?

Epson Printers laced with wireless setup wizards can be connected with a computer or mobile wirelessly. While using these wireless printers, sometimes you may face offline issues as well. An Epson Printer offline error is one of the most common errors that Epson Printer users generally face. Once you find a message that your printer is offline, you need to find and apply the solutions that can help you to clear out this issue. This error is not permanent but it can be a serious issue for you in case you do not know the way to fix it. Here in this read, we are going to discuss certain solutions to fix the offline issue that you getting with your Epson Printer.

Epson Printer Offline

Epson Printer offline issue might occur due to several reasons such as damaged cable connection, improper driver installation or outdated driver issue, the print job is stuck in a queue, there is WiFi issue on your printer, etc. So, if you are looking for ways to fix the offline status on your Windows or Mac, you need to approach the processes given in the next sections of this post.

How to fix Epson Printer Offline Windows 10 and Mac?

The process to fix the offline error on the Mac or Windows devices are different. Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, you can easily and quickly fix the Epson Printer offline error by referring to the processes that are mentioned below.

Way to clear out Epson Printer Offline Issue Windows

If you are a Windows user and looking to fix the offline issue on it then you need to approach the quick steps that are given below:

  1. Make sure that your Epson Printer is ON
  2. Also, check that your printer and Windows are connected to the WiFi network
  3. Now, turn on your Windows computer, and then you need to press the ‘Windows’ key
  4. Head to the ‘Device Manger’ section and select the name of your Epson Printer
  5. Now, you need to right-click on the name of your printer and choose the ‘Update software’ option
  6. Wait until the driver is being updated and then take a print test to ensure that Epson Printer is working or not

Way to resolve Epson Printer Offline Issue Mac

Mac users facing offline status on their Epson Printer need to go through the steps given below. But before that, check the cable connection status on your printer. Also, ensure that your printer is connected to the WiFi connection or not:

  1. Turn on your Mac and head to the ‘Apple’ icon and click on it
  2. Now, you need to choose the ‘Devices and Scanners’ option
  3. From this section, you need to find the name of your printer
  4. Right-click tick on your printer’s name and choose the ‘Update Driver option
  5. Now, based on the internet speed the driver software will be updated
  6. After that, take a print test to ensure whether the offline issue persists or not

Epson printer offline how to turn online

In your Epson Printer is displaying offline status on it, you can quickly fix it by approaching the solutions that are given below:

  • Check that the cable that is connected to your printer is inserted properly or not
  • In case you find any cable that is not in good condition then you need to replace it
  • If you are using the printer on your Mac or Windows computer, you need to check that driver is updated or not
  • If required, remove the driver from your device and then re-install it to fix the Epson Printer offline issue

Why is my Epson Printer offline and won’t print?

In case an Epson Printer is showing offline status on it, it would be several reasons. Experts suggest keeping the driver software. So, check that you are using the compatible and latest version of the Epson Printer driver or not. Your printer may go out of connection and in such case, you will not be able to perform wireless printing activities with it.

Epson printer keeps going offline on iPhone

iPhone users who are facing Epson Printer offline status need to follow the tips that are given below to fix this issue:

  • Check that your iPhone is connected to the WiFi network or not
  • Look at the printer’s display and check that it has the WiFi connections or not
  • You may face such an issue with loosened cables as well, check for any loosened cable
  • Remove Epson Printer from your iPhone and then re-add it to check whether the issue has been fixed or not

How do I stop my Epson printer from going offline?

In case your Epson Printer is going offline several times then you need to implement the tips that are given below:

  • Use Epson Printer Assistant to keep your drivers updated
  • Whenever you are prompted, update the Epson Printer driver
  • In case your Epson Printer is not connected to WiFi check that your router is working or not
  • Check that your Epson Printer is connected to the AC power supply or not
  • Use the Epson Printer Utility software on your Mac or Windows computer

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In short, Epson Printer is an advanced printing device that allows people to print colour and black documents. But in case your Epson Printer is showing offline status on your mobile or computer. However, you can easily fix the Epson Printer offline issue with help of the solutions that are given below. In case you have installed the driver via CD then make sure that you have installed the latest version of the driver to clear out the issues. We are sure that you have fixed the offline issues with your Epson Printer.

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