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Where do I Find the WPS Pin on My Canon Printer?

With the rise in technology and digitization, printers are catering to different needs of the modern world and as a result of the same, Canon has brought about a wide range of printers. These printers are supposedly the best in the market when it comes to giving good print results, connectivity methods, and a lot more. Since we are talking about printer connectivity, as it is clear from the title itself, let us now move ahead with learning one of the printer’s setup methods i.e. connecting the printer through the WPS method. Talking about this method, we can say that, this wireless connection requires you to find a WPN pin on the Canon printer.

WPS Pin on My Canon Printer

Failing to do so, you may not be able to connect your printer to the computer and you may need to look for other methods of connectivity. However, if you really would like to connect your printer to the computer with this particular method, you may need to go ahead with reading this post till the very last.

What is the WPS PIN on the Canon printer?

If this is the first time you are setting up your Canon printer and really wish to know what this PIN is, you should note that it is an eight-digit number generated when you connect your printer to a wireless network. By connecting your printer through the WPS Pin method, you can make sure that nobody uses your printer without your authorization. This means that this method is highly protected and is one of the best connection methods for Canon printer users.

The steps to find the WPS pin on a Canon printer

If you are also interested in setting up your printer through the wireless technology and you believe that this is the best method to do so, then here are the easy-to-follow guidelines that would help you in finding out and connecting your printer through the WPS PIN:

Note: The WPS PIN could be only found during the printer setup. So, the guidelines below would help you in setting up the printer while the same steps would help you in finding out the PIN.

  1. Navigate to your Canon printer and press the “Setup” button on it
  2. From the setup menu, you’ll see that the “Wi-Fi” setup is the first option
  3. Press “OK” for this and then press “Ok” for “Other Setup” which appears by pressing the right arrow
  4. Again, press the right arrow and stop when you see the WPS PIN Code
  5. Press “OK” for the same and let the printing process and show you the PIN
  6. Here, at this stage, you need to note down this WPS PIN very carefully
  7. Now, when the printer attempts to connect to your router, enter this PIN carefully
  8. When the connection is established, press “OK”

List of Applicable models

The given procedure to find WPS PIN on a Canon printer can be applied to the following models:

  • Canon printer mg2920
  • Canon mg2950
  • Canon mg3500
  • Canon mg3620
  • Canon ip7250
  • Canon mx492
  • Canon Pixma printer ts3300

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Today, in this article, we have elaborated the useful details on how to find WPS PIN on a Canon printer along with explaining to you the setup process that you need to follow for connecting your printer to a wireless router. By reading the details, you will realize that finding out this PIN was not rocket science. It just requires a few easy steps to get the connection established.

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